Is there any style more charming, iconic, and instantly recognizable than the London redbrick townhome? ⁠

We took inspiration from this classic style for Redbricks, developed by @alabasterhomes and designed by Formwerks Architectural.⁠

With sharp gables, covered decorative entryways, flower boxes, and bay windows, this development calls back to Britain, while feeling right at home in our coastal British Columbia city.⁠

We're endlessly inspired by historical residences, and the unique character they bring to our city. ⁠

That's why we were excited to revitalize the Craftsman-style character residence at Heritage Point Grey⁠. ⁠

We've brought this historic home into the 21st century, and added two more complementary buildings to the site.⁠

Modern density, meet architectural history. These 2- and 3- bedroom luxury homes are selling quickly, starting from $2.5M.⁠

Register your interest at the link in bio.⁠

Now hiring. Our dedicated, talented team is behind every Formwerks project, from interiors to multi-family developments. ⁠

We're looking to grow our team and add to the Formwerks family. Learn more at the link in our bio.⁠

Inspired by Tudor architecture, the compact, yet livable homes at Carrington⁠ feature a classic Tudor brick base and a beautiful central courtyard. ⁠

At Formwerks, timeless design and modern livability go hand in hand.