COVID-19 Safety Plan

August 7, 2020

COVID-19 Safety Plan – Formwerks


The Company will take preventative measures to protect the health and

safety of all employees and visitors to Company offices.

Presently, there will be a maximum of one-third of employees working in

the offices at any one time.


The Company will provide enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of the

workplaces, as well cleaning supplies, sanitizer and personal protective

equipment for employees as needed.

Any employee who is at higher risk due to their personal health and/or

their household circumstances will not be returning to regular work at the

office for now.

Everyone will be required to follow the procedures outlined below while

at work and to follow the Provincial Health Officer’s orders and guidance

at all times.


Office Access

• Staggered start and stop times, and lunch times will be assigned to

employees working in the offices.

• Employees, contractors, or visitors exhibiting COVID-like

symptoms are not allowed to enter the offices.

Workplace Operations

• Returning to work in the offices will be voluntary at this time. Work

at home will continue to be supported on a full-time or part-time

basis as required.

• Any employee who is at higher risk due to their personal health

and/or their household circumstances will not be returning to regular

work in the offices for now.

• Meetings or gatherings in the offices are to be minimized and where

necessary for work only, physical distancing must be maintained.

Masks must be worn if physical distancing cannot be maintained.

• Where possible, meetings will be held by teleconference or video




• All employees will work at least two metres apart and away from

communal pathways.

• If employees must be closer than two metres for any reason, masks

must be worn.

• Employees must keep their own workspaces clean and sanitized, in

particular frequently touched surfaces such as the computer keyboard

and mouse, the desk surface, and telephone.


Common Areas

• Employees must use common areas, washroom, and shared

equipment one at a time, cleaning and washing hands both before

and after.

• All food, dishes and utensils must be brought from home and taken

home each day. The kitchen areas and appliances are not to be used

at all.

• The lunch table (Formwerks office) will be used for work only, not

for eating lunches.

• Meeting rooms must be used for work only. All times must be

booked in advance, with a minimum of 30 minutes between



Outside Visitors

• Visitors to the offices must be scheduled and safety procedures must

be communicated before entry into the workplace (by email and/or

signage posted at the entrance). A record of visitors to the offices

must be maintained.

• When booking appointments, visitors must be reminded to

reschedule if they experience symptoms typical of COVID-19 or are

placed on self-isolation.

• Provide a safe place for visitors to dispose of used sanitizing wipes

and other personal protective equipment.



• Suppliers and/or delivery persons will be required to drop off goods

at or close to the building entrance to minimize movement within the


Contactless delivery will be used if possible (e.g., delivery person

leaves packages at a pre-arranged location without requiring a


• Delivery zones/locations are clearly identified.



• Site visits are to be minimized. While on site visits, physical

distancing is to be maintained or masks must be worn. Hands are to

be washed or sanitized before and after.

• If use of the Company vehicle is required, all used surfaces (such as

the keys, steering wheel, gear shift, and door handles) must be

disinfected before and after travel. Hands are to be washed or

sanitized before and after vehicle use. A minimum of 30 minutes

must be allowed between uses.

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