Ask a Designer: How to Create a Modern Spring Arrangement

April 11, 2019

We’re back with El Coyle, Senior Interior Designer at Jack Brown Interiors (formerly Formwerks Interior Design), for her expertise on creating a refreshing spring arrangement with a modern twist.

Eleanor brings a remarkable artistic eye and an innate ability to strike a desired mood through her projects and designs.

Eleanor learned the ins and outs of arranging and floral design from the very talented, late Hilary Miles, who was a leader in the Vancouver industry for years. Eleanor feels very privileged to have worked under Hilary for two years, and is honoured to get to share her passion for floristry and the feelings it evokes with her design clients. Follow El on her Instagram @twigandco_design.



The first step in creating a beautiful floral arrangement is considering what flowers are currently in season. Then consider who you’re designing the arrangement for and where they’ll display it.


Step 1: The Vase


The next step is to choose a vase that supports the overall vision. Here, I’ve chosen a low-profile ellipse shaped vase with ribbed glass texture.




Spring blooms are becoming increasingly available so I took advantage of locally grown cut hyacinth. With a few fresh colours, these cuts provide a wonderful scent as well as a strong uniform visual element that lends itself to a contemporary direction.


Step 2: Cut the stems


Cutting all stems to the same height allows the colour and architecture of each stem to shine. En masse, they become a strikingly unified texture.


Step 3/4: Blend


As you place stems, try to blend the colours evenly. Alternatively, you could colour block or stick to one colour for added drama.


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