Formwerks’ holistic design approach centres on the belief that the garden and outdoor space is a living extension of the exterior architecture and interior expression of a home.  Our mission is to create truly distinctive gardens and outdoor rooms for our client’s long-term enjoyment.

We value tradition and also employ cutting-edge forward thinking through our understanding of each site’s unique features and potential, to develop legacy properties of timeless elegance and sophistication. Our international background in Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Urban Design fosters our core value of marrying green urban development strategies with residential and public landscape design.

Our core services consist of:

Conceptual Design: Upon confirming the project objectives and establishing general requirements, we generate a series of conceptual diagrams, sketches and pictures to evaluate opportunities and design direction. The process is collaborative and creative, and we highly value our client’s active input and feedback to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Landscape Master Plan: The Landscape Master Plan is the detailed framework for the entire property with regards to site sensitive grading, the flow of garden rooms and elements as well as circulation. The relationship to buildings, neighbouring properties and public streetscapes is developed.

Development and Building Permit Application: We prepare required plans for Development and Building Permit application in the local municipal planning and building department and respond to their inquiries efficiently and professionally.

Construction Drawings and Landscape Implementation: To perfectly execute each element, we develop a detailed construction package, including: Layout and material plan with reference specifications of all hardscape materials, a detailed description of all landscape features, elevations of signature areas to describe proportion, context and cohesive flow of elements, lighting plan, and a planting plan. We accompany the construction process until completion and promote a strong working relationship with the project contractor and technicians.


Is there any style more charming, iconic, and instantly recognizable than the London redbrick townhome? ⁠

We took inspiration from this classic style for Redbricks, developed by @alabasterhomes and designed by Formwerks Architectural.⁠

With sharp gables, covered decorative entryways, flower boxes, and bay windows, this development calls back to Britain, while feeling right at home in our coastal British Columbia city.⁠

We're endlessly inspired by historical residences, and the unique character they bring to our city. ⁠

That's why we were excited to revitalize the Craftsman-style character residence at Heritage Point Grey⁠. ⁠

We've brought this historic home into the 21st century, and added two more complementary buildings to the site.⁠

Modern density, meet architectural history. These 2- and 3- bedroom luxury homes are selling quickly, starting from $2.5M.⁠

Register your interest at the link in bio.⁠

Now hiring. Our dedicated, talented team is behind every Formwerks project, from interiors to multi-family developments. ⁠

We're looking to grow our team and add to the Formwerks family. Learn more at the link in our bio.⁠

Inspired by Tudor architecture, the compact, yet livable homes at Carrington⁠ feature a classic Tudor brick base and a beautiful central courtyard. ⁠

At Formwerks, timeless design and modern livability go hand in hand.